Jojoba Hills Pickleball Court Management Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to make the best use of our valuable court resource and be fair to everyone.  Please apply common sense and mix in newer players with more experienced players so that our pickleball community can continue to flourish.  There are no pickleball police.  It is up to the group to help everyone understand these guidelines.
  • Courts 1 & 2 are geared toward more competitive play.
  • Court 3 is geared toward more recreational play.
  • Court 4 is geared toward more social play and is for beginners (no overhead smashes or hard shots hit directly at people).
  • Competitive players should wait beside Court 1and use the west rack (closer to Friendship Hall).
  • Recreational, social and beginning players should wait beside Court 4 and use the east rack.
  •  After each game winners stay, losers leave. 
  • After 2 wins, winners should split.
  • When there are people waiting to play then the paddle rack should be used to determine who plays next.    
  • When it is your turn to play remove your paddle and put the white paddle labeled “Next” in its place.
  • When you come off of the court then place your paddle to the far right of any other paddles in the rack.  
  •  If there are no empty holes to the right of paddles then take the first available hole beginning from the far left side of the rack.  You don't need to move a bunch of paddles, just move the "Next" paddle. 
  • When 1 – 5 players are waiting then winning teams may play 2 consecutive games. 
  • When 6 or more players are waiting at one rack, then all 4 players come off of the court at the end of each game.
  • Players at Court 1 may decide whether or not to have a “Challenge Court” where the winning team remains on the court until they lose. 
  • If you are next in sequence and want to wait for the winners of the busy court then, take a pass and adjust the waiting paddles accordingly.

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